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Health problems are becoming pre-eminent now a days. This may be due to progress in medical science also, because of which we can get our issues diagnosed at ease.

The principal causes for health issues may be unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, environmental degradation, high stress level and genetics. As a physiotherapist I always try to prevent or cure the disorder with least help of medicines.

As Ayurveda says, all things in the universe, both living and non-living are joined together. In fact, everything in the universe is actually made up of same five gross natural elements, space, air, fire, water and earth. We remain healthy if we retain balance, interacting with our environment in an effective and wholesome way.

We need to introspect ourselves that where we have been wrong before it all becomes a malady.

So, lets gather together and try to connect our Mind, Muscle and Heart, for better understanding of  ourselves.

Dr. Anju Rai Tiwary(PT)

MPth (neuro), BPth,

Certified in ASD and Weight management


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