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My Cesarean journey

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“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” – Amy Tan

me at 29 weeks

It was a dream comes true when we realized that “we are Pregnant”. It was through a blood report. My husband suspected that I may be pregnant with twins after looking at the blood report. Oh, I forgot to mention, he is a gynecologist and an Army officer.

Next morning we rushed to the hospital out of excitement. After ultrasonography we were overwhelmed. The gynecologist told us that we were expecting twins. We were overjoyed. From here the actual journey started. My belly was growing at a faster pace as compared to singleton pregnancies.

With the passing time my pleasure of being pregnant kept on increasing. I used to thank god everyday for his blessings. It was 20 weeks when we went for anomaly scan to a radiologist. She observed that one of the twins is changing position every minute but other one is only nodding head. This was a hitch. I was perturbed. Although the senior radiologist concluded that it was because of dearth of space, but that fear stayed in my core somewhere.

Meanwhile we got transferred to Meerut. I decided to be at my mother’s place in Delhi till the time we get accommodation. We were travelling in flight from Pune to Delhi. Our gynecologist made a medical certificate for us mentioning “I am 30 weeks pregnant and safe to travel by air”. Here we got a situation. Gynecologist forgot to put her stamp on the certificate. I was looking like a full term pregnant women because of twin pregnancy. Luckily my husband was carrying his stamp and the ‘situation’ came under control.

Finally, I was meeting with my family. I was happiest to meet my 6 months old niece for the first time. I used to be coddled by everyone in the world. One day my niece was crying her heart out. I held her and made her sleep on my shoulder. That same night I could not sleep because of a weird feeling in my whole body. It might have happened because I carried my niece on my shoulder and walked for 15-20 minutes.

Next day, I visited army hospital. Oh, it was a shock. Doctor asked me to get admitted because I was 2 centimetres dilated at 33 weeks. In Delhi my hospital visit partners were my 6 months old niece, brother and my sis in law.

My doctor wanted my babies to be inside for more 1-2 weeks. But they were in hurry; I started leaking just after one day stay in the hospital. Now my anxiety escalated to peak. I used to ask my mother to chant mantras and pray to god. Like every expecting mother only thing I desired was my healthy babies.

One day, before the arrival of my mother to the hospital, I was taken to the labor room. My mother was so anxious that she could not open her hand bag to take out her phone. Anyway, I came back because doctor asked me to wait more. Guess what my children were not ready to wait. The same midnight time came, I had labor pain. Finally, my husband drove down from Meerut to Delhi. I could see the nervous father in an established gynecologist.

Doctors decided to go for Cesarean. I was taken to the operation theater. It started and just after 10 to 15 minutes I heard a strong cry, my son came into this world. The anesthetist showed him to me. I had tears of joy. I even did not see the gender. Just after 30 seconds my daughter arrived. I felt so divine. I am unable to pen down my emotions I felt after looking at her. They were crying and crying, and that cry made me the happiest and most fortunate mother in the world.

This is the beginning of “My cesarean journey”. I accept giving birth through cesarean is very common now days. There is long way to go after that. I had innumerable number of problems with my body after child birth. I used to wonder how I will raise my precious bundles of joy. It took almost a year but I recovered. In my further sections I will share how a physiotherapist mother coped up with all the postpartum challenges.

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