Recovery after cesarean

Trouble after triumph

We were on cloud nine after being blessed with two exquisite tiny tots. We got the full fledged fruit for our strive as a daughter and a son. It is a saying that, the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. You are changed by every mean, in and out.

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. – Jassica Lange

This is so true. A new born mother will have a list of problems in her framework. Those can be mental and physical. And why not? She is changed suddenly. Her body changes entirely. She is no more the same. All these put her in the emotional turmoil.

The first snag I had was a spinal headache. It was horrendous but magical. It only starts when the person is in upright position. It persisted for 3-4 days and then I was okay. The day it stopped I sat and took my children in lap and finally felt the contentment of motherhood.

I also had many problems like diastasis recti, pubic symphysis dysfunction, cervical pain, pain in multiple joints and a residual huge abdomen with sagging skin. Because of all the dysfunctions, I could not stand after sitting on a lower surface, walking on a decent pace was even more difficult. For a mother of a new born especially twins, it is so important to be in momentum whole day and night. Transition from one baby to other took me more than two minutes being on the same bed.

I used to feel glorified after looking at my children but at the same time I was feeble to take care of them. I used to wonder, how shall I raise them…

Then I vowed to myself to be a strong and resilient mother. This was challenging because after delivering two babies you just do not have time to even eat leisurely.

Time to push

So ladies time to push again. Mould a new born mother in you who can take every step with her baby. Who can dance, run, jump and enjoy her childhood with her child. I swore to myself that I have to be as active as my twin toddlers would be. There were hurdles, but you have to reinforce yourself. The best reinforcement you get is the open eyed dream you see, of playing and enjoying with your bundles of joy. New mothers are usually in a hurry to be back in shape again or to lose weight in other words. I will suggest you to make a small but major amendment in your aim. Gather yourself and walk on a path which takes you to be a fit, healthy and smart mother. If you follow this, all the other concerns will also fall in place soon.

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Anju Rai Tiwary

Hi, I am a physiotherapist specialized in neurology. I have also done various certification courses like autism spectrum disorder and weight management. I am here to clarify your health-related curiosities.


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